ResponseNotification Data Type

This model represents a response notification.
Besides all the common properties of a notification it will also provide the invitee username and name and a boolean which will tell if the response to the RequestNotification was positive or not.

OfferResponseNotification, MemberJoinedNotification
name data type description
action NotificationAction
id string
onDate number
inviteeProfilePhotoUrl string
inviteeCoverPhotoUrl string
inviteeUsername string
inviteeName string
positiveResponse boolean
inviteeSequence number


  "action" : "EVENT_SHARE",
  "id" : "...",
  "onDate" : 12345,
  "inviteeProfilePhotoUrl" : "...",
  "inviteeCoverPhotoUrl" : "...",
  "inviteeUsername" : "...",
  "inviteeName" : "...",
  "positiveResponse" : true,
  "inviteeSequence" : 12345