RequestNotification Data Type

This model represents a request notification.
Besides all the common properties of a notification it will also provide the inviter username and name and a decline and accept url. The usage of the decline and accept url will sometimes produce a ResponseNotification on the inviter notifications list.

name data type description
action NotificationAction
id string
onDate number
inviterSequence number
inviterUsername string
inviterName string
inviterProfilePhotoUrl string
inviterCoverPhotoUrl string
acceptUrl string
declineUrl string


  "id" : "...",
  "onDate" : 12345,
  "inviterSequence" : 12345,
  "inviterUsername" : "...",
  "inviterName" : "...",
  "inviterProfilePhotoUrl" : "...",
  "inviterCoverPhotoUrl" : "...",
  "acceptUrl" : "...",
  "declineUrl" : "..."