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Java JSON Client Library

Created February 28, 2020

The Java client-side library is used to provide the set of Java objects that can be serialized to/from JSON using Jackson. This is useful for accessing the JSON REST endpoints that are published by this application.

Resources Example (Raw JAXB) url = new + "/admin/events-adm/resend-payment-email");
ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper(); connection = url.openConnection();

mapper.writeValue(connection.getOutputStream(), adminEventResendPaymentEmailRequest);
Event result = (Event) mapper.readValue( connection.getInputStream(), Event.class );
//handle the result as needed...
Resources Example (Jersey client) client =;

Event result = + "/admin/events-adm/resend-payment-email")
  .post(, "application/json"), Event.class);

//handle the result as needed...

name size description
goin-json-client.jar 235,61K The binaries for the Java JSON client library.
goin-json-client-json-sources.jar 172,11K The sources for the Java JSON client library.